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La Beauté

in Avignon
La Beauté in Avignon

Björk Nick Knight et Alexander Mc Queen
European cultural capital

The « Cité des Papes » has decided for the jubilee to present Beauty under its various aspects to visistors. The five majors themes chosen are enhanced in dozen of places sometimes quite unusual.
In the « Palais des Papes », the exhibition « La beauté in fabula » declines this notion through our emotions : dreams, wories, wanderings, violences, fears or seductions, fleshly desires or spiritual extases. To illustrate them, objects and creations of all periods and cultures are exhibited. Camille Claudel, Hans Holbein the young, Piranese and many others give us their interpretation. Thanks to sounds or visual arrangements, cinema and fashion, works of great contemporary artists as Christian Boltansky, Bill Viola or Jame sTurrel, visitors can discover places places specially opened for this occasion.
The « Jardin des Doms » with « Nature at work »balances the precedent exhibition. Men have sometimes difficulties in equalling the work of mother nature. Stone eroded by the elements, fabulous animals or insects are sources of inspiration and permanent models for artists. The mingling of nature and the artist's imagination can produce great works as the plastic and fashion creations shown side by side.
At the junction of nature and human intervention, « Décor à corps » in the « Clos des Trams » presents the multiple transformation our body can go through. The body may serve as support to all kind of creations. Land of expression reflecting our time, the body can be a field of exploration with no boundaries. Clothes, make-up, ornaments enable this game of appearences. Every one can actually experience it by visiting this exhibition.
Spread out in a dozen of site sin town, the « Labo du beau » are the incarnation of the universe proper to each artist. To penetrate the mecanism of creation becomes possible in these various and sometimes original places -churches, mansions, closed down factories, public buildings town houses, social buildings. This is an opening to all the cultures and forms of art with, for example, the monks of Gyüto, Tibet, and Hussein Chalayan. More famous artists as David Lynch, Takeshi Kitano or Philippe Starck have created for this celebration , original works.
Beyond these temporary exhibition, some installations will remain in Avignon. The poet and artist Vita Acconci has directed the construction of a skatepark and Niele Toroni bowling fields. Gaetano Pesce for the exhibition « nature at work » at the « Jardin des Doms » has edified a flavour pavilion in reference to the XVIIIe century extravaganza. Music has also its place with the Mix Shake at the « Jardin Neuf » host of Laurent Garnier and Alex Turi electronic creations.
Finally, the guided walk through these different exhibitions has been realised by Christian Lacroix revealing us his vision of the city in a poetic and festive scenography.

Emmanuel Boutinard - June 1998 - Translated by D. Prouteau

Photo: Devon Nick Knight et Alexander Mc Queen par Nick Knight, The Crossing Bill Viola par Kira Perov, Björk Nick Knight et Alexander Mc Queen par Nick Knight

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« La beauté in fabula » Palais des Papes
« La nature à l'ouvre » Jardin des Doms
« Décors à corps » Clos des trams
« Les labo du beau » Pass 100 f